Announcing BrightFunnel ABM Analytics

February 4, 2016 Nadim Hossain

I’m proud to announce BrightFunnel Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Analytics. BrightFunnel ABM Analytics helps B2B marketers better measure and optimize their ABM efforts. This is the only ABM analytics tool that fully measures ABM in the context of all your marketing initiatives and is built on the BrightFunnel multi-touch attribution platform. BrightFunnel ABM Analytics is already in use by leading ABM practitioners, including SevOne and Cloudera.

Orchestrate your ABM efforts with BrightFunnel ABM Analytics:

  • ABM Engagement Overview: Track engagement against all your target accounts. Measure how engagement rate changes over time as you dial up efforts and roll out new tactics. Is one target account not responding? Consider deploying more ad spend, shifting tactics or adding more contacts. Is one account really engaged? Notify Sales.
  • Account Snapshot: Drill down into individual accounts to get a clear picture of the impact of your marketing efforts on the account level. Assess the account’s Engagement Fingerprint to see which channels drive engagement and the kind of contacts you’re reaching.
  • A/B Testing: Compare an ABM test group against the control to assess if ABM tactics are actually working. Did conversion increase vs. traditional demand gen tactics? Are deals closing faster? BrightFunnel makes this assessment easy.
  • Channel/Campaign Performance: Actively measure and manage all of your ABM channels and campaigns with a window into the metrics that matter, all built on our multi-touch attribution platform. Are targeted emails influencing more marketing pipeline? Are those high ABM display Costs Per Lead (CPLs) delivering the right leads?
  • ABM Executive Dashboard: Your CMO and executive team can now see at a glance if ABM is helping deals close faster or increasing conversions. They can also layer in dashboard tiles for immediate understanding of the whole marketing picture, including marketing impact on pipeline and lead generation.

“BrightFunnel gets past vanity metrics to what really matters,” said Tommy Jenkins, SevOne’s Director of Global Demand Generation. “Is my ABM investment truly delivering increased conversion and faster deals? How do I optimize my ABM efforts from a channel, campaign and account perspective? BrightFunnel gives me these insights instantly.”

BrightFunnel’s ABM Measurement Philosophy

We believe it’s critical for B2B marketers to analyze their ABM efforts in a single measurement platform that captures all channels and both ABM and non-ABM initiatives.

Channel-specific tools are great as delivery mechanisms but only show one small piece of the ABM story. BrightFunnel allows you to fully capture the impact of all the varied ABM tactics on conversion and velocity. It’s also the best way to see which channels are driving engagement and how channels and campaigns can be optimized to work better together.

Secondly, we believe that ABM analytics and overall marketing performance measurement must be done out of the same platform. This is because the majority of marketers will undertake an ABM initiative as a segment of their overall marketing mix, a “hybrid ABM” approach. This is due to the significant cost, both in time and spend, of an ABM initiative. At a recent event with TOPO, the research and advisory firm, Craig Rosenberg explained, “If you’re going to start an ABM effort against 100 target accounts according to best practices, you need to develop 800 unique offers.” Unless a marketer is exclusively going after a very small target audience (e.g. < 100 total prospects), we believe there is an optimal balance between ABM and broader marketing initiatives where the cost and expected conversion/velocity improvements of ABM balance with the scale and efficiency of a non-ABM approach. BrightFunnel uniquely allows marketers to A/B test ABM vs. non-ABM approaches to find that optimal balance. For example, perhaps the cost-benefit of ABM tactics makes sense for your Enterprise segment, whereas you take a lighter weight approach to Mid-Market, and a traditional demand gen approach to SMB.

The BrightFunnel platform delivers one place for the marketer to fully measure all of their marketing efforts, whether ABM or traditional demand generation. A single source of truth for marketers, no matter the strategy.

Ready to see the platform?

ABM Dashboard

Give executives clear visibility into how ABM efforts are increasing conversions and speeding deal velocity.

ABM Dashboard

ABM Engagement Overview

Track engagement against all of your target accounts and take action.

ABM Engagement Overview

ABM Engagement Overview (Trending)

Monitor how account engagement changes over time.

ABM Engagement Overview (Trending)

Account Snapshot

Get a deep dive into a specific account and modify tactics as needed.

Account Snapshot

ABM Filters on the full BrightFunnel platform

Understand how ABM tactics are working across all channels and campaigns.

ABM Filters


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