Why Multi-Touch Attribution is Essential for ABM

August 5, 2016 Amelia Ibarra (Admin)

ABM — it’s so hot right now.

But how do you even begin to dip your toes in the water — let alone dive all the way in head-first — without fully recognizing whether or not the investments you’re making will ultimately impact the business in a positive way? How can you be sure that the tactics you’re relying on will influence pipeline and revenue? How do you unite the company’s sales and marketing teams (groups not exactly known for getting along swimmingly) around a plan when you can’t prove the value of all campaigns and activities behind every closed-won deal?

You don’t want to be flying blind when you’re building the ABM strategy for your business. With multi-touch attribution, you can look back at the results of your past campaigns and rely on them to intelligently inform what you do in the future. It’s easy to plan for success if you can measure exactly how your concrete wins were won!

For example, if you’re able to identify all the leads and contacts within an account who have interacted with your brand, you’ll start to gain a clearer vision of how your efforts have impacted your targets at various points throughout the funnel. And once you’ve measured the impact of all the whos, whats, wheres, and whens, you’ll have everything you need to confidently build a killer account-based strategy.

Beyond measuring the efforts of Marketing alone, account-based attribution also lets you identify the places where Marketing and Sales can come together to drive more deals over the finish line faster. If you can pinpoint the places in your buyer’s journey where there are significant process gaps, you’ll enable the two teams to work hand in hand and close them. Marketing should be prepared to get Sales’ attention when multiple leads within an account are showing interest, and if a salesperson is about to close a deal but needs that one last push, he or she should be at the ready to call on marketers for backup. It’s like a well-orchestrated relay race — if you equip your teams with the account-level data they need for a flawless handoff, they’ll put you in a position to win almost every time.

By measuring how marketing campaigns are interacting with individual target accounts over time — at every stage, with every title, and through every type of offer and channel — you can see where you’re finding the most success and then do more of what’s working to see even more success. Ba-da bing, ba-da boom! This also gives you the opportunity to identify underlying trends that will inform your plans for future campaigns, align sales and marketing around hard metrics that result in wins for everyone, and prove your value to the executive team.

In the world of B2B, account-based marketing might just be the biggest thing since sliced bread. But if you’re not using attribution to contextualize and direct your ABM strategy, you’re really just taking shots in the dark and hoping that something hits your target.

Data-driven marketers know that if they want their ABM efforts to hit every time, it’s not a matter of wishful thinking (and spending) — it’s a matter of gaining useful insights with multi-touch attribution and then delivering true ROI.

Want to know how your team can get started with ABM and account-based attribution? Get the conversation started by emailing one of our marketing intelligence experts.

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