Funnelside Success Story: Ellie Mae

April 5, 2017 Amelia Ibarra

Earlier this week, we launched our new video series, Funnelside Success Stories, which features our very own BrightFunnel customers sharing their experiences with multi-touch marketing attribution and the successes they’ve seen with our platform.

We’re super excited about these videos since we strive to be each and every customer’s BFF—BrightFunnel Friend. We love being able to capture and share how we’ve made other marketers’ lives easier through revenue attribution.

The first video in the series features Doug Ricketts, Director of Marketing Operations at Ellie Mae. Since Ellie Mae began automating the mortgage business in 1997, a lot has changed within the industry and business. Even though Ellie Mae is a large, enterprise company, prior to BrightFunnel, Doug had to piece together his marketing metrics from various sources and platforms. This left much to be desired in his attribution processes and leaving Ellie Mae without a single source of truth.

Here are a few of our the highlights from Ellie Mae’s journey with BrightFunnel so far.

We should empower marketers to show outcome and impact on the business’ bottom line.

As he shares the Ellie Mae story, Doug mentions that BrightFunnel has helped not only him but his entire team get excited about reporting and attribution. With the ability of empowering each marketer on his team to have a seat at the revenue table, Doug has taken a subject that was historically a pain point for his team and turned it into a source of excitement that shows off the outcome of Ellie Mae’s marketing campaigns to the entire organization.

Speed to market increases when you can measure your marketing impact in minutes.

Another big problem that BrightFunnel is helping Ellie Mae solve is their speed to market. As a company that’s been revolutionary in the mortgage space, it’s no wonder they were looking for a solution that could increase their marketing efficiencies when they found BrightFunnel. “The flexibility to do transformation of (Salesforce) data is actually faster with BrightFunnel,” Doug shared. He added that, “marketing used to be known for doing great parties and great events. We wanted to be able to describe and measure all the actions that we do so that people could see their contribution to the company, and the company could see that contribution.”

Multi-touch attribution creates a culture of data-driven marketers.

During the video, Doug shares how using BrightFunnel’s revenue intelligence empowers his team to be “fast to succeed or fast to fail.” When it came time for 2017 budget planning, Doug and his team went back and forth on where to divert spend—should it be banner ads, events, or something else? To make the most informed decision, Doug and the marketing team spent time in BrightFunnel analyzing the effectiveness of their 2016 marketing campaigns to see what each campaign’s impact was on pipeline and revenue. They were able to easily see and determine which campaigns to keep, where to increase spend, and where they should stop campaigns.

Want to hear more of Doug’s BrightFunnel journey at Ellie Mae? Watch the first episode of our Funnelside Success Stories!

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