[Podcast] Funnelside Chats Presents: B2B Thought Leader Ardath Albee

April 12, 2017 Amelia Ibarra (Admin)

As BrightFunnel’s Content Marketing Manager, this week’s Funnelside Chat podcast is especially exciting for me because our featured guest is one of the industry’s most respected thought leaders and queen of content, Ardath Albee.

Throughout her episode, Ardath walks the audience through her background as a B2B marketing strategist, the importance of storytelling, and how she thinks Account-Based Marketing fits into modern martech. And as a fellow writer, content marketer, and former lit student, I was hooked on every word.

Here are a few of the biggest B2B content marketing lessons we took away from this week’s episode:

Strategically Develop Persona-Based Content

If you’re not fully fleshing out your buyer personas, you’re not doing the work you need to do in order to really connect with your prospects. If you want to create content that will interest your buyers, speak to their challenges, and earn their trust, you have to do the appropriate research to find out exactly who those buyers are, what their biggest challenges are, and what they need from you in order to solve those challenges.

Focus on Telling the Right Stories

According to Ardath, a lot of marketers take the idea of storytelling too literally. If you want to tell the kinds of stories that will really resonate with your audience, you need to recognize how your characters—your buyers, customers, and product(s)—interact with each other, and then orchestrate that information in a conversational way. She also points out that your buyer should always be the hero in your stories, so be sure you’re putting them at the center of every piece of content you produce.

Shift Your Culture to Better Align Marketing and Sales

During her podcast interview, Ardath references a company she’s been working with whose sales team has been having a hard time relinquishing control over the accounts who’ve begun their journey down the funnel. She suggests businesses focus on shifting their sales culture so that the team is encouraged to learn how to effectively share with marketing, and marketing can in turn help sales by creating content that will better orchestrate the buyer’s journey and move leads through the funnel faster.

Get to Know Your Customer’s Perspective

At the very end of the podcast episode—when Nadim asks Ardath what she thinks the audience should be reading—her response is truly that of a content marketer: always be learning more about the industry you’re marketing to and familiarizing yourself with your audience’s specific needs and challenges so that you can tell stories that will engage them.

You can listen to Ardath’s full eposide along with our others by checking out our Funnelside Chats podcast on SoundCloud. And be sure to follow us to get updates as we release new episodes!

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