[Video] Funnelside Success Story: EverString

April 17, 2017 Amelia Ibarra

We recently launched our new video series, Funnelside Success Stories, which features our very own BrightFunnel customers sharing their experiences with multi-touch marketing attribution and the successes they’ve seen with our platform.

We’re super excited about these videos since we strive to be each and every customer’s BFF—BrightFunnel Friend. We love being able to capture and share how we’ve made other marketers’ lives easier through revenue attribution.

The next video in the series features Linda Fitzek, Director of Business Ops at EverString. Backed by Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners, EverString is a sales and marketing predictive platform whose algorithm curates more than 20+ million data signals from 11 million B2B accounts to find patterns and identify your next best fit customers. Since EverString is an innovative, data-driven company, BrightFunnel was brought in a little over a year ago to help align its sales and marketing teams and reveal marketing’s impact on pipeline and revenue.  

Here are a few of our the highlights from EverString’s journey with BrightFunnel:

Say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets, complicated table joins, and manually pulling together massive table sets.

When someone confesses that putting together her marketing reporting before BrightFunnel was a “labor”—we totally get that feeling! Making marketing reporting easy was one of the driving forces behind starting BrightFunnel in the first place. Prior to EverString, Linda worked for a large, multi-national organization in the Bay Area and she said that “pulling all of her data together into something cohesive to determine ROI was quite intense.”

“BrightFunnel actually took all that pain away for me when I joined EverString.” Linda added. With BrightFunnel’s multi-touch revenue intelligence platform, Linda is now able to track down her marketing ROI very quickly, and she can also deliver custom reports to the EverString executive team and the board in just minutes.

Revenue Intelligence lets marketers check on the pulse of their impact on the business.

During our chat with Linda, she shared that there were two major changes in her day-to-day when she was onboarded to BrightFunnel. The first was how much time she saved and the second was how intuitive the platform became for the entire EverString marketing team.

“They can really own their own programs and their own program results.” Linda said. “So not only do I not have to crunch all of the numbers for the entire business, but the marketers themselves actually know the answers to their own questions. I can be more of a value-add to bring insights and help them tell the story.”

We’d say this culture of reporting has been working pretty well for Linda, as EverString’s marketing team influenced an astounding 90% of pipeline in Q4 of 2016!

See what’s working and what’s not by getting in-depth marketing reports in minutes.

“My favorite thing about BrightFunnel is the ability to layer custom data on top of our existing reports,” shared Linda. The flexibility of adding custom fields and filters such as lead-to-opportunity conversion rate or opportunity-to-close conversion rate has made it a breeze to see which campaigns are having the highest velocity and moving leads the quickest through the funnel.

Last but not least, the ability for Linda and her team to deep-dive into their metrics with BrightFunnel has made it easy to track which items within a specific campaign are having the most success. For example, Linda shared how EverString wanted to measure their ROI from a field event such as DreamForce. “We run email and paid media leading up to DreamForce as an event. Being able to layer the platform metrics on top of our existing data was really powerful, and the BrightFunnel team enabled us to get that really, really easily.”

Want to hear more of Linda’s BrightFunnel journey at EverString? Watch the second episode of our Funnelside Success Stories!

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