Aberdeen Group: A Marketing Reality Check for CMOs on Revenue Attribution

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Putting the Money Where the Marketing Is Marketing is like your average, everyday forms of magic and witchcraft…that is, it's wonderous and enigmatic until it's explained with science or logic. Fundamentally, marketing has always been a good recipe for organizations. A little bit of the awareness voodoo, a sprinkle of some word-of-mouth wizardry, a dash of advertising hocus-pocus, and presto! The organization grows. Sales reps win more deals faster. Investors increase funding, IPOs, acquisitions – all thanks to the marketing magic… Such success is all possible in an ideal scenario, but even then, it's not completely magic. For marketers who may not understand the mechanics, success may be a bit of luck, or an unknowing imitation of marketing rituals (efforts) that worked in the past. For those who do know the science of marketing, though, it's all part of a well-understood program or proccess. And just as an illusionist aims to produce "oos and ahs" in a performance, a marketer's performance is about producing revenue. This context is important because it sounds an alarm over Aberdeen's findings that 34% of marketers have no revenue attribution model at their organization. On top of that, another 17% don't even know if a model is in place or not. That is a A MARKETING REALITY CHECK FOR CMOS ON REVENUE ATTRIBUTION January 2017 Aberdeen Group research shows that a combined 51% of all organizations surveyed operate without a revenue attribution model for marketing, or are uncertain as to what is actually in place. This knowledge brief explores why this should be a wake- up call, and what can be done to maximize the value of revenue attribution. A combined 51% of marketers are unsure of how their efforts objectively connect to revenue.

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