How to Implement and Measure the New Demand Waterfall

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The Old Demand Waterfall Marketers are always looking for benchmarks. They want to know the fundamentals and industry best prac ces around how to set-up a successful sales funnel—from lead, to Marke ng Qualified Lead, to opportunity and beyond. And although conversion rate benchmarks and sales stage recommenda ons have changed slightly year- over-year, one thing has always remained the same—the previous demand waterfall itera ons have always focused on the individual. However, as any savvy B2B marketer knows, in today's buyer journey revenue teams need to think in terms of the full account—not just an individual. In fact, BrightFunnel's own studies show that most B2B buyer teams can be made up of 5+ unique influencers. So, if we are living in an account-based world, why are we measuring movement through our funnel in a lead-based world? What's Changed? Industry analysts have finally come around, and the new demand waterfall focuses on groups of buyers within accounts—not just individual buyers. In the new waterfall, groups of buyers are called "Demand Units". This new focus helps to align sales and marke ng, and it also helps your business be er define your ideal target audience. In fact, in the new demand waterfall, two new stages have been added—Target Demand and Ac ve Demand. Target Demand tracks sales stage recommenda ons and Ac ve Demand helps you track accounts that are in the market, but who have not self-selected in your funnel yet—think intent-to-purchase data. Setting Up Your New Demand Funnel So, how do you put this into prac ce? The first step is to re-focus your measurement using an account-based approach. Instead of measuring the engagement of an individual buyer, you now need to focus on measuring the engagement of a group of buyers within an account. From an implementa on perspec ve, you can create new stages and rules in your CRM and marke ng automa on to look at groups of buyers within an account--think Marke ng Qualified Accounts (MQA) vs. Marke ng Qualified Leads (MQL). Instead of tracking behavior on an individual lead level to determine sales readiness, you are looking at behavior across the full account. You can create mul ple scoring models in your marke ng automa on pla orm to account for this. Closed Pipeline Qualified Demand Prioritized Demand Engaged Demand Active Demand Target Demand CHEATSHEET: How to Implement and Measure the New Demand Waterfall If you have been to any marke ng conferences this year, you have probably heard that the tradi onal sales process has changed—and key industry analysts are taking no ce and have built out a new sales funnel that marketers can implement. In this cheatsheet, we will go over what has changed in the new demand waterfall, how to implement the changes, and how to measure marke ng and sales engagement. New Demand Waterfall

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