Revenue Rockstar: Morgan Ingram

April 10, 2017 Sydney Bonar

It’s no secret that having a healthy pipeline can help you exceed your revenue goals—but what is it that keeps your pipeline healthy? SDRs!

Sales development teams are responsible for initiating their business’ sales cycles, and those who run these hard-working pipeline machines are known as sales enablement leaders. Or, as we like to call them, Revenue Rockstars.

In this series, we chat with a few of these revenue rockstars to understand how they’ve gotten to where they are now, and find out what keeps their team focused as they work towards success.

Morgan Ingram is the SDR Manager at Terminus and host of the SDR Chronicles, a YouTube channel that provides advice and tips to fellow SDRs.

BF: What makes a killer SDR?

Morgan: Three things make a killer SDR. First is curiosity: curious enough to ask questions and learn, and curious about everything that you do, because when you get on phone calls and you are not curious about that person’s business, you aren’t going to ask the right questions. And if you’re not curious as an SDR, you’re not going to ask the right questions to your leadership.

Secondly, they need to be willing to go hard every single day—willing to get in early and stay late. It may sound cliché, but that hard work will translate and push you to the next level. If you’re not afraid to hustle, if you’re not afraid to get after it—that is something I always see killer SDRs do.

And finally, they’ve got to have a willingness to face adversity. They need to be willing to prospect, get into the trenches, and be better everyday despite goal changes or higher quota goals.

These three attributes—along with a winning mindset—will get you where you need to go.

BF: How do you motivate an SDR team?

Morgan: Figure out what motivates your SDRs individually and use those motivations to inspire them. I know what motives each of my reps, and I use that as their fuel or their engine to get them to the goals they need to hit.

SF: How do you maintain the culture with a high turnover rate position like an SDR?

Morgan: We are super fortunate here with our SDR team in that there’s a family feel. Everyone is part of a family through highs and lows—we pick each other up. I think you always have to keep morale high and know that when you are failing, you’re all in it together—you’re not all on your own islands.

BF: How do you celebrate wins on the SDR team?

Morgan: We do a lot of things. We go out to lunch together every Friday. We have individual walk up songs that play when a demo is set by that SDR. We ring the gong when a demo we set closes as a deal. This helps us keep morale high and keeps us celebrating our wins together, which keeps us together as a family. That is the culture we built across the team and you keep that going every day by just getting and staying involved.

BF: As an SDR thought leader, what is something fun and unique about your team?

Morgan: The most unique thing on our team is that we each have a nickname—my nickname is Ming. I think it is unique that we are willing to joke with each other, but we all work really hard. There is a time to joke around and there is a time to focus and put in the work.

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