Funnelside Chats Presents: Jill Rowley

March 30, 2017 Amelia Ibarra (Admin)

On the latest episode of the Funnelside Chats podcast, hosted by our CEO Nadim Hossain, guest Jill Rowley gives listeners the rundown on social selling, personalization, and what it takes to be a successful salesperson in the modern age.

Jill describes herself as “a sales professional trapped in a marketer’s body.” She’s a social selling maven who has mastered the ability to build authentic relationships with buyers, and because of that, she’s been able to drive more revenue, deliver more value, and inspire more customer advocacy throughout her career. Luckily for us, her Funnelside Chats episode is chock-full of lessons she’s learned, insights she’s gained, and advice she loves to share.

Below, we share a few of highlights from Jill’s interview with Nadim:

“Social selling” is all about building and fostering impactful relationships.

Jill didn’t invent the concept of social selling, but she most definitely helped it become a popular B2B tactic. And according to this expert, being successful at social selling requires you to find, listen to, relate with, connect to, and engage your buyers (and the people who influence your buyers) across their networks. If you can do this well, you can create lasting relationships with your prospects and customers that will follow them wherever they go.

What you measure affects your sales and marketing alignment.

It’s simple: if marketing is tracking its impact on pipeline and revenue—as opposed to only tracking something like the number of inbound leads—then sales will feel more connected to what marketing is doing. During her interview, Jill gives a real life example of this from a company that she’s on the board of, where sales and marketing misalignment is a direct result of the marketing team’s not being measured on contribution to pipeline and revenue.

“More” doesn’t always mean “better.”

According to Jill, a lot of sales teams will invest in ‘more’ without considering the bigger picture. More emails and more calls to more people at more companies does not necessarily mean you will see more success. In fact, it probably won’t. Instead, Jill suggests that sales teams spend more time thinking about how they can become more relevant, more helpful, more human, and more handy so that they can better connect with their prospects and create more meaningful relationships.

The best salespeople are constantly learning alongside their buyers.

One piece of advice that Jill gives to salespeople who are attending conferences is that they shouldn’t be solely focused on manning the booth—they should be attending the sessions and learning about the same things their buyers are learning about and interested in, where their buyers are learning. If you want to really connect with your prospects, you have to get to know their world, understand their interests, and intelligently speak to the things they’re excited about and challenged by.

Puppies make great podcast guests, too.

If you want to know what we’re talking about here, you’ll just have to tune in.

To listen to Jill’s full episode, along with more featuring other B2B thought leaders, check out our Funnelside Chats podcast on Soundcloud. And if you like what you hear, be sure to follow us to get updates as we release new episodes!

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