Getting Started with Multi-Touch Revenue Attribution

March 11, 2015
As marketers carry responsibility for increasing portions of the sales cycle, our budgets and accountability are growing as well. Data-driven marketing is becoming an imperative, and CFOs rightfully expect to see that their investments are driving sales—yet in 2014, proving ROI remained the #1 challenge reported by B2B marketers. Marketers lack visibility into the full impact of their programs, and most are only using single-touch attribution, leaving them blind to the majority of their funnel activity. In this one hour webinar, BrightFunnel CEO, Nadim Hossain, will walk you through what you should consider to get started with revenue attribution, including: * How revenue attribution works and why adoption is critical * Attribution as it applies to the B2B buyers’ journey * Each of the predominant attribution models and their use cases * What data you need to get started * How to select a technology that meets your business needs
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